Republique Review – Suspense All Around

Republique screenshotThis game starts with a lot of questions and suspense. A girl name Hope calls you for some help. It’s a mystery why she called you. Why she needs help? You have no idea about hope or her situation, but you can judge from her looks that she is frightened and desperately looking for some help.

Republique is an episode game. The first episode of the game has a lot to offer. The strong characterization along with a pretty decent story line helps the game to establish its own identity. Throughout the game, you will not be able to interact directly with the main character of the game ‘Hope’. You will have remote communication with her through security cameras and mobile phones.

Using the security camera, you will help Hope throughout the game to make sure that she can take the guards out and escape the containment facility. At times, she may call you to help her out of challenging situations.

Using the security camera, all you have to do is help her come up with a strategy to help her. One interesting thing about the game is that as you switch between two cameras the time freezes. This helps you to analyze the situation in a better way, come up with strategy and go through emails. Interesting, right?

While reviewing this game, I enjoyed it. And helping Hope throughout the game is one heck of a good feeling. And the moment she completes one area without any trouble makes you feel like a real life hero. Now this is a very rare feeling one can have while playing the game. I must say that developers deserve an accolade for this.

A lot of questions will pop up in your throughout game. You have no idea or clue why you are helping Hope to get out of the containment facility. And to solve this mystery I kept on playing the game. At some point, you may find the game dull but then all of a sudden you will find something to keep you interested in the game.

Republique is a very different game from the ones we have lately reviewed. It has the mystery, strong storyline, pretty good gameplay and a lot of unanswered questions to keep you interested. However, you may find it a bit dull and boring at some point.

Run PS4 Games on PC & Mac with PS4 Emulator Program

PS4 EmulatorAll the games out there must be familiar that some of the titles are exclusively launched for PlayStation4. You cannot play these ones on your Windows computer or Macbook. This is quite annoying because if you do not own a console, then you are doomed. You cannot curse the developers for making games PS4 exclusive. They do it mainly after analyzing the market. So, at the end of the day, you are only left with disappointment and misery.

Now, what if I tell you that there is a way to play PS4 titles on your Windows or Mac machine? Would you believe that? I am sure most of you would be laughing at me right now because this seems impossible. But let me tell you that we are in an era where there is no such thing as impossible at least in the world of technology.

This is true! You can play PS4 exclusive games on Windows or OS X computers. Thanks to a group of developers working on an ultimate PS4 emulator for PC & Mac. This new software helps in creating a SONY’s fourth console environment on your desktop operating system. In simple words, your machine starts behaving like a PlayStation4 from the program side. So, now you can actually play any of these exclusive games.

The best thing about this emulator is that it only takes a couple of minutes to set it up. Once installed and configured correctly then it just takes you to tap ‘ON/OFF’ button in the software to turn on or turn off the application in sleep mode.

Unfortunately, at the moment, there are still limited games supported by this tool. This restriction is applied deliberately by the developers. High graphic titles may result in the crashing of the emulator for Macbook and may cause some issues to your system. So, until and unless these issues are not solved you will have to keep yourself content with the limited PS4 exclusive games running on your Mac OS X.

Their group of coders is working day in and day out to come up with a perfect optimization for their software to support 100% of PS4’s games one day. And honestly speaking with this application they have definitely pulled it off. However, there are still some small bugs in this emulator. So, if you wish to play all PS4 games on Windows, then you should test it out in detail and report any system bugs to the developers. This will not only speed up the development but will also make their life easier.

Useful Information:
For those who already own a PlayStation 4 console and would like to run PS3, PS2 and PSX games on it too, there is a software which you can install on your device to make this possible. Check out PS4 Jailbreak.

So, don’t waste any more time and download Ultimate PS4 Emulator and play your favorite games you’d always wanted on your desktop.

Best Skyrim Mods Exposed!

Skyrim modsSkyrim is definitely one of the most favorite game of many gamers on the Internet. Thanks to the developers for releasing different new patches and mods to keep the game interesting. All these patches and mods have not only induced a new life in the playing but has also kept gamers interested to continue having fun with this masterpiece.

Apart from the official developers, some other developers and Skyrim lovers are also working on different mods and they have managed to release some highly interesting mods which have not only changed the looks but also the gameplay.

Here is a list of some MUST have skyrim mods.

Project Optimization
Ever felt that your game lags or it is skipping some frames per seconds? Well, this happends if you are using some classic and high end lighting mods just like ENB and Realistic Lighting. We would recommend you to try out the project optimization mod. It will definitely offer you a much better gameplay and will make sure that your game does not skip any frames.
Download here

Performance Texture
If you are looking for a better gameplay with better looking armor and clothes, then this mod is tailored made for you. It will not only improve the overall quality of the clothes and armors but it will also reduce the files size. This will help you in enjoying an overall improved performance. So, with this single mod you will get better graphics and performance.
Download here

HUD Clock
At times you feel the new of having some extra information on your screen while Skyrim. This new exclusive mod will add a clock on the screen. The best part is that there are multiple fonts and skins available for the clock. So, you can choose something which attracts you the most.
Download here

Book Covers
It may not appear as important as the above mentioned mods but still it is a decent mod. Who does not want to get a better looking graphics? This mod will help you to get high quality and attractive covers for all the books within the game. Interesting, right?
Download here

High Level Enemies
If you are hardcore Skyrim gamer, then you should be familiar that at later stages the difficulty level drops. So, this is where this new mod plays it part. It will help you to boost up the power, strength and overall performance of your enemy. Thus, allowing you a perfect gameplay.
Download here

Try these mods and share your feedback in comments.

Top 5 PC Games of 2016

We have already seen a long list of PC games releasing in 2016. Most of the new games have already established a huge fan following and are getting popular day by day. However, for someone looking to play some newly launched and good PC game it can be a heck of a task to pick one game. So, to make your life easier here is our list of five best PC games of 2016. This list will help you in deciding which game you should play next.

Dark Souls III

Dark Souls 3This release is for true gamers. By if any means you are not a hardcore gamer or you are someone who does not want to play the same level again and again until you fix your slight mistakes to complete the level then I am sorry this game is not for you. You will enjoy this game to the fullest when you try to learn from your failures and not repeat the same mistake again.

It will not be wrong if I say “it follows hit and trial method.” In Dark Souls III you will have to make mistakes to find out the ultimate way to winning the battles. It may not be possible to win the fight in the first attempt but if you do then consider yourself lucky.


FirewatchThis game has an adamant line. The gameplay may not be as per your expectations, but the extraordinary story line and amazing graphics make up for it. It has a very convincing story, and it makes you believe that game with a strong story is worth playing. The best thing about Firewatch is that narrative of the game changes based on your decisions. This means you can plan this game quite a lot of times and take different decisions and relationships every time and see how the game narrative changes.

One thing should be kept in mind that this game involves adults with adult conversations. So, we would recommend that only gamers above 18 years of age should play it.

Far Cry Primal

Far Cry PrimalAre you a fan of Far Cry series? Well, even if you are not then this release is a MUST play game for you. It is entirely different from the previous series and takes you back to the stone age. You are on your quest of finding your tribe’s people and establishing your tribe all again. Since there are three different tribes in the game. Therefore, you may face a lot of challenges on your way to finding your tribe’s people.

One interesting thing about the game is that it allows you to tame different animals. You can tame and train them and use them for your benefit. For example, Jaguars will help you in killing your enemies without alerting the huge groups of enemies. In short, a silent killer. However, it is important that you play with different animals and master the skill of using them in the best possible way.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Div-This is definitely one of the best 2016 PC games. You will enjoy both single and multiplayer modes of the games. It would not be wrong if I place it in one of the best strategy games of 2016. You have to come up with proper strategy and have to be tactical in order to complete the missions of the game.

One thing is clear that as you progress in the game, the complexity level keeps on increasing. So, you have to increase your level of game the ability of forming strategies.

The Witness

The-WitnessA very interesting game but somewhat different from the traditional games. Unlike many other games, you will not find any tutorial in this game to start with. All you have to do is learn and master the game on your own. It may annoy you, but this is, in fact, the best thing about the game. The initial levels are comparatively easy. And this is where you have to learn to master the game. Keep your focus right and see every move you make and the result you get to complete the complex stages with ease.

However, at any stage, you find yourself with no clues at a complex stage. Then it is better to go back to initial stages and play them again. I am sure you will find something helpful.

These games are already available in the market. If you have not played them yet, then you should because these are the best 2016 PC games!

Tom Clancys the Division – Review

Tom Clancys the DivisionIn the game of division, if you are not fit then you have nowhere to call home. You will find that you spend plenty of time sprinting from one place to another and living with on incremental snacks. You will need all the energy you can get to face the challenges thrown at you. You will only get the snacks once you complete some shallow side missions. The persons you will be forced to fight against will be soldiers with very full tummies thanks to the superhuman health bars that they consume which are more than enough to feed an entire family!

Set in the ruins of Manhattan, the Division is about an open world RPG co-op cover shooter who is sent into the city to try and bring about a semblance of federal civility. The city went under ruins following a rough bout of Black Friday bioterrorism that succeeded in sending the city into a mini-apocalypse. The shooter’s job is to find and shoot anyone that is highlighted in red.

You will have to sprint between icons in an open world while relying on the traditional RPG mechanics of the game. The game is a collection of side missions, random combat encounters and story missions that are strewn throughout the world. You have the choice to either tackle the missions on your own or seek companionship from friends or strangers (three) via matchmaking. Whereas the open world is limited to your and your team, when you enter safe houses, you will enter small social hubs of sorts where chances are high that you will run onto other players.

When playing with teammates you will notice that the combat is on a tense and challenging side. When faced with intense fights conversations you will have with your teammates will fall into a natural rhythm that is based on abilities and weapons that you may have.

In Division, bad decisions are punished with a vengeance. For example, if you stay in one place for long then you will get flanked or if you stay out of over for long then you will get shot.

In most cases you will have to defend a given point from enemy waves. Overall, the story around the Division is poorly communicated that focuses on having to kill half the people in the city in order to save it. It also touches n simple, material rewards that can be got throughout the game.

Our rate: 6/10